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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Hacked: Japan Defense Industry’s First Cyberattack

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s biggest defense contractor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, said on Monday hackers had gained access to its computers, with one newspaper saying its submarine, missile and nuclear power plant component factories had been the target.

The company said in a statement that some information could have been stolen in the first known cyber attack on Japan’s defense industry.

“We’ve found out that some system information such as IP addresses have been leaked and that’s creepy enough,” said a Mitsubishi Heavy spokesman.

via Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Hacked: Japan Defense Industry’s First Cyberattack.


China Cyber Warrior – Video

101 East – takes us to China and looks into Chinese patriot hackers. In the US we go after our hackers and prosecute them in China they give them a future. We should re-think our ways of punishing the hacker community.  Anyway enjoy a very good expose about the Chinese mindset in cyber space.