Cyber criminals attack U.S. Chamber of Commerce, China footing the blame | VentureBeat

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently uncovered an attack on its systems, and fingers are pointing toward China.The Chamber represents over three million US businesses, 96 percent of which are small businesses with 100 employees or less. The agency, situated in Washington D.C., lobbies for free enterprise, competition between US companies and entrepreneurship. Some of its bigger members include Adobe, Microsoft, Visa, and Google.According to the Wall Street Journal which first reported on the attack, which may have started as early as November 2009, nearly 300 internet protocol addresses IP addresses were compromised, with around 50 members directly affected. Chamber President Thomas Donohue first got word of the breach in May 2010. When the news arrived, the Chamber went to work scouring the e-mails of affected accounts to see what kind of information may have been uncovered. Meeting minutes, schedules, some trade policy documents and trip records are the only compromised items being reported.

via Cyber criminals attack U.S. Chamber of Commerce, China footing the blame | VentureBeat.


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