China: Losing The War Against The Internet « The Birth of Hacktivist

July 25, 2011: China’s surging economic, and military, power has a fatal flaw. Several decades of enforcing the  ”one child” policy has prevented China’s population from spiraling out of control over the last few decades. But it also means that there will be too many old people and too few workers in another decade, and for several decades after that. Meanwhile, the shortage of young workers is already here, as the first “one child” generations come of age. These workers demand more money, and attention. Wages are moving up rapidly, and there’s still a shortage of workers. There’s also a shortage of skilled people in the armed forces. Plenty of low skilled or inept volunteers, but not the ones that are most needed, and in demand.

via China: Losing The War Against The Internet « Documenting The Birth of Hacktivist.


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