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Cyber Capabilities of China

Good Day, my name is GaTo MaLo and I have worked in the IT world of corporate America for fortune 100 companies for over 35 years. In this presentation I hope to explain the state of China as an Internet Cyber Security leader. In today’s economy every government in the world is dealing with the Internet and Cyber Space. The Internet is were commerce happens, we go to our social networks, we find that ice cream shop that everyone is talking about, go out and get ice cream for the family. Cyber space is were the hackers that are stealing your credit card that you just used to buy ice cream for the family. Hackers are also stealing top-secret technology from our government and our corporation. As I compiled the China Cyber Timeline Project (Chinese Hacker-Cyber Timeline🙂 it was easy to connect the dots and see when China started its cyber push as a way to gain intellectual property, technology secrets, political and military secrets. The reason they are making headlines is because they are not very good and are getting caught.

Hacker Moto: -be hidden, be silent, listen and don’t get DOX (documented-revealed).

  1. Let’s take a look at their Offensive Capabilities.

From January-2010 to June-2011 China had the fastest Super Computer in the world on June 23, 2011 Japan became the new holder of the fastest super computer in the world, the US is in the top 5 but this alone shows what China can do in cyber space, the New York Times reported. China has now Nationalized Hacker groups to go out and hack making them patriot of the new Chinese (Digital Dragon-Warriors). China now has cyber spy schools popping up all over the place. China has also recently announced to have a cyber team called “PLA Online Blue Team” which is in charge of cyber espionage and intelligence for national security purpose and attacks on the 5th Battlefield (land, sea, air, space, cyber space), the Associated Press reported 2011. One of the key espionage and intelligence hacks come from the Chinese city of Jinan. It has over 6 million people, 12 Universities and a High Tech technology Zones for companies. It’s also the center for China’s PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) cyber warfare college and home to the “PLA-Online Blue Team”.

The city of Jinan, China – was traced back as the center of the Google e-mail attacks. And this is just one modern new City, as China grows every day new centers of technology will give China the technology to do almost anything they want in Cyber Space.

The only thing that is keeping China from going full out is “communism paranoia” they distrust everything not created internally. And they do not have the manpower today to fix it. China has fears that software & hardware that is created outside of China may have back doors.  In July 15, 2011 –The US State department released information that hardware computer components manufactured abroad have embedded back door to the Internet that’s design to defeats security anti-virus software. China may be right. China been hard at work manufacturing our electronics and shipping them to the rest of the world. Made in China = “Zombie Computer”

  1. What are China’s Defensive Cyber Capabilities?

China has a big problem they lack the manpower to do everything they want to do in cyber space. They have people but they lack the education that is needed in high-tech areas.

China’s fear of all software and hardware not created in China is another big problem. For example the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) computer systems that monitor Power Stations. The US DHS (Department of Homeland Security) announce that China’s SCADA software has major flaws. The US told the world of the problems now everyone in Cyber Space knows. Hacker groups like Anonymous and LutzSec may attack them now.

  1. What are the International Laws preventing Cyber Warfare or Espionage?

Cyber Space is getting more and more complicated. In one group of maybe 10 people [LulzSec] from all over the world. They never met face to face. Then hacked into all kind of government and private companies and nobody can find them. And so the LulzSec legend begins.

Since there are no International laws and hackers are even hacking international police like MI5, FBI and Interpol each country must do what it can to protect it self.

  1. 4.    What can the USA do to protect itself from Cyber Warfare?


President Obama has signed executive orders outlining how far the United States military can go when launching cyber-attacks and other cyber-operations against enemies and as part of routine espionage activities, the Associated Press reported June 22. Since we have no International Cyber Laws every country has to protect itself. We as a Nation can reach individual treaties with different countries to make sure everyone knows the rules and in time we will see laws catching up to Cyber Space not until them, we must apply good cyber security to every aspect of our lives.

  1. 5.    Conclusions:

As you can see even in a country like China a communist country today with a little education and lot’s of money they can gain access to the Internet and hack information about a country a corporation or an individual and cause great harm. If a foreign government can hack your financial system your country could go into a recession. Today Chinese nationalized hacker group can hack our Smart Grip (Electricity). Shutting everything down all the power in the eastern or western states.

Anyone of these scenarios could happen and some have happened already. America has to find and implement cyber International policies to prevent this. If cyber attacks happened we must react quickly and have a solid disaster recovery plan, repair the problems and implement retaliation against the perpetrator even if it’s China.


Thanks you for your time I hope I shared something interesting


Reference: HAND – OUT’S

Chinese Hacker-Cyber Timeline:


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