Chinese Cyber Blue Team is Here to Stay | China’s economic development and social stability

The Chinese PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) now has a cyber “Blue Team” that can use cyber space as the new frontier for warfare.

The US and China defense policies are changing. The (Cyber Blue Team, 2011) is based in Jinan, China where there are 12 Universities and a high tech zone and boast 6 million people. It’s also the headquarter of the PLA. The squad is aimed at carrying out attacks on other countries Internet. (Li Li, 2011), a military expert at the National Defense University said, “China’s Online Blue Army is currently at its fledging period.  (Zhang Shaozhong, 2011), a military expert from the PLA said, “Just like the army and air forces, the ‘online blue army’ is a historical necessity. The reason is very simple. “We must adapt to the new types of warfare in the information era. The ‘online blue army’ is of great strategic significance to China’s economic development and social stability,” Teng Jianqun, a research fellow at the China Institute of International Studies, said.

The Internet has the potential to transform Chinese  (Jones E-Library, 2011) society and politics. Cyber Space is the next front lines for military operations.

Consider the US (US cyber attack Iraq, 2003) prior to invasion the US froze Saddam Hussein’s bank account and disable the country’s financial and communication system before a shot was ever fired. Cyber Warfare is a first strike capabilities weapon and it can be a deterrent if used wisely. China wants’ to be able to do the things it’s cyber brothers can do and who could blame them. The truth be told China has a bad cyber infrastructure and we are hacking them all the time. DHS (disclosed china secrets, 2011) the US told the world that China had some major security holes. Now the whole hacking communities (lulzsec and anonymous) know about China’s problems. This is a shot at the bow of the Chinese government to stop hacking the US or we are going to hack you.

It is a fact that Russia and others are quietly going about cyber intelligence and espionage but they are good so nobody hears about them but they are out there. When China get’s it’s Cyber Blue Team going strong we will not hear a sound about China then the Cyber warfare has really started and there is no way back. The Internet is here to stay and to government like China this an essential weapon to be a world player in cyber space.




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