Chinese Hacker-CYber Timeline: June 23, 2011

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This timeline covers almost all of 2010 – to get a full up to date time-line email me : This time-line opened my eye’s and helped connect the dots like 2003 Microsoft opens up source code to China (Titan Rain-starts part of Moonlight Maze operations-) to get MS-Office sold. The Chinese do not like any code that they did not create, all code has back-doors and the west will use it to destroy China, or so goes the Chinese paranoia. – Cyber Chronology


Chinese Hacker-Cyber Timeline 1994 -2010


Major Incident
1994 -1996 Formation, Expansion and Exploration –
  • The Green Army (China’s first hacker group) is formed
  • China Eagle Union’s preliminary web design registered as Chinawill and title “Voice of the Dragon”.
  • Anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia ignites retaliation from Chinese hackers and provide the catalyst for the creation of the “Red Hacker Alliance
  • Moonlight Maze – The name Moonlight Maze refers to an incident in which U.S. officials accidentally discovered a pattern of probing of computer systems at The PentagonNASA,United States Department of Energy, private universities, and research labs that had begun in March 1998 and had been going on for nearly two years. Sources report that the invaders were systematically marauding through tens of thousands of files — including maps of military installations, troop configurations and military hardware designs. The United States Department of Defense traced the trail back to a mainframe computer in the former Soviet Union but the sponsor of the attacks is unknown and Russia denies any involvement. Moonlight Maze is still being actively investigated by U.S. intelligence (as of 2003).[1]
  • Cyber conflict between People’s Republic of China’s and Taiwan over “Two State Theory”
  • Commercialism is introduced into the Green Army
  • August- Taiwanese and Chinese Hacker War- ERUPTS
  • Denial of Nanjing Massacre leads to attack on Japanese web Sites
  • Taiwanese elections spark conflict with mainland hackers
  • November – Chinese Hacktivist threaten DDOS on Taiwan National Day
  • Hacker activity marking the anniversary of the firstSino-US Hacker war squashed by the Chinese government. Chinese hacktivist appear to goUnder Ground.
  • Beginning of “reckless desire” within the alliance the Green Army falls apart from financial disputes
  • Honker Union of China founded by Lion
  • China Eagle Union founded by Won Tao
  • Javaphile founded by CoolSwallow and Blhuang

  • The Red Hacker Alliance attacks Japan over incident
  • The Japanese Web Site hit over Prime ministers visit to controversial monument.
  • April- First “Sino-US Hacker War” erupts after US EP-3 and PLA F-2 Collided and US crew Detained
2002 Attack on Taiwanese company Lite-On by Javaphile


  • Titan Rain – was the U.S. government‘s designation given to a series of coordinated attacks on American computer systems since 2003. The attacks were labeled as Chinese in origin, although their precise nature (i.e., state-sponsored espionagecorporate espionage, or randomhacker attacks) and their real identities (i.e., masked by proxy, zombie computer, spyware/virus infected) remain unknown. The activity known as ‘Titan Rain’ is believed to be associated with an Advanced Persistent Threat.
  • August- Reports of Chinese hackers against Taiwanese government and commercial sites.
  • The Chinese government grants licenses to open Internet cafe chains to just 10 firms, including three affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, one linked to the politically powerful Central Committee of China Youth League and six state-owned telecoms operators.
  • Microsoft opens up source code to China to get MS-Office –


  • Chinese hackers hit Japan government web site over dispute over Diaoyu Island.
  • July Chinese hacker attacks against Taiwan continues
  • November- Media reports of attacks against several US military installations.


  • Honker Union of China reforms
  • December- In early December 2005 the director of the SANS Institute, a security institute in the U.S., said that the attacks were “most likely the result of Chinese military hackers attempting to gather information on U.S. systems.”[1]
  • March- Several attacks from sites in allegedly in China against multiple sites in Japan.
  • August- Media reporting of Chinese Espionage condemned “Titan Rain
  • September- According to media staff in Taiwan National Security Council is targeted via social engineering e-mails.
  • China purchases over 200 routers from an American company, Cisco Systems that allow the government more sophisticated technological censoring capabilities. In October, the governmentblocks access to Wikipedia.


  • British MPs targeted. (Guardian, Smash and Grab, the High Tech Way)
  • June- Chinese hackers strike at Taiwan MoD.
  • July- Media Report US State Department is recovering from a damaging cyber attack
  • August- Official State hostile cyber force have downloaded up to 20tb (Terra Byte = 1024 Gigabytes = 1 Terabyte -20 terabytes of data)
  • August- Claims of Congressional Computers being hacked are made
  • November- US Naval War College computers infrastructure reportedly attacked.
  • January-  a group of former senior Communist party officials in China criticize the internet censorship, warning that it could “sow the seeds of disaster” for China’s political transition.
  • February-  Google agrees to block websites, which the Chinese Government deems illegal in exchange for a license to operate on Chinese soil. The search engine responds to international criticism by protesting that it has to obey local laws.
  • May-  Chinese Internet users encountered difficulties when connecting to Hotmail, Microsoft’s popular email service. Microsoft says the break in service is caused by technical problems, but there is widespread speculation that the incident is linked to state censorship. In the last week of May, Google and many of its services also became unreachable.
  • July-  researchers at Cambridge University claim to have broken through the Great Firewall of China – the government imposed blocks on large portions of the web.
  • November-  the Chinese language version of Wikipedia is briefly unblocked before being shut down again the same month.


  • WASHINGTON —  The Chinese government hacked a noncritical Defense Department computer system in June, a Pentagon source told FOX News on Tuesday.
  • Pentagon investigators could not definitively link the cyber attack to the Chinese military, the source said, but the technology was sophisticated enough that it indicated to Pentagon officials — as well as those in charge of computer security — that it came from within the Chinese government.
  • 2007 German Chancellery compromised and China accused of being the perpetrator. (Der Spiegel, Merkel’s China Visit Marred by Hacking Allegations)
  • 2007 US Pentagon email servers compromised for an extended period. Cost to recover $100 million. Paul, Ryan. “Pentagon e-mail taken down by hackers.” Ars Technica. 22 June 2007 )
  • 2007 Oak Ridge National Laboratory targeted by Chinese hackers (Stiennon, Haephratic Technique Used to Crack US Research Lab)
  • June- OSD (Office of the Secretary of Defense) Computers attacked via malicious e-mail.
  • August- Reports emerge of cyber attacks of Germany.
  • September- Reports emerge of cyber attacks of UK.
  • September- Reports emerge of cyber attacks of NZL (New Zealand).
  • October-US Nuclear Labs targeted by malicious e-mail.
  • December- MI5 Issues warring on Chinese Cyber Attacks
  • January- Hu Jintao, the Chinese president, pledges to “purify” the Internet. He makes no specific mention of censorship, saying China needs to “strengthen administration and development of our country’s Internet culture.”
  • March- access to the LiveJournal, Xanga, Blogger and Blogspot blogging services from within China become blocked. Blogger and Blogspot become accessible again later the same month.
  • June-  American military warn that China is gearing up to launch a cyber war on the US -plans to hack US networks for trade and defense secrets.


  • March- Reports emerge on cyber attacks on Australia.
  • May- Reports emerge on cyber attacks on India.
  • May- Reports emerge on cyber attacks on Belgium
  • May- US commerce Secretary laptop investigation for data infiltration.
  • June- US elections campaign hacking reported.
  • November- Hacking of White House Computers alleged.
  • November- Massive intrusion on NASA systems released.
  • December- French Embassy Web site attacked in protest over meeting with Dali Lama
  • April-  MI5 writes to more than 300 senior executives at banks, accountants and legal firms warning them that the Chinese army is using Internet spyware to steal confidential information.
  • June- Hu Jintao, the Chinese president, makes his first tentative steps online by answering questions on a web forum.
  • August- China faces widespread criticism for Internet censorship in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics. The government surprises critics by lifting some of the restrictions, making the websites of human rights organizations such as Amnesty International accessible for the first time.


  • March- GhostNet – China’s large-scale cyber-spying -China’s global cyber-espionage network GhostNet penetrates 103 countries. A vast Chinese cyber-espionage network, codenamed GhostNet, has penetrated 103 countries and infects at least a dozen new computers every week, according to researchers.
  • 2009 Three largest resource companies in Australia, including Rio Tinto compromised.(Rio Tinto hacked at time of Hu arrest)
  • 2009 Google Aurora attacks target user data and source code. (McAfee blog)
  • April- Compromise of systems across 103 countries by Chinese cyber spies while Chinese govvernment denies invollment in GhostNet.
  • April- Daily attacks reported against German government.
  • April- The Chinese government denies reports of hacking the Australian Prime Ministers e-mail
  • April- Reports emerge of Chinese hackers targeting South Korea official with social engineered e-mail.
  • March-, Bill Gates weighs into the Internet censorship row, declaring that “Chinese efforts to censor the Internet have been very limited” and that the Great Firewall of China is “easy to go around”. His comments are met with scorn by commentators on the web.
  • March-, the government blocks the video-sharing website YouTube after footage appearing to show police beating Tibetan monks is posted on the site.
  • June-, China imposes an information black-outin the lead up to the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, blocking access to networking sites such as Twitter as well as BBC television reports.
  • June-, China faces a storm of criticism over plans to force all computer users to install Green Dam Internet monitoring software. The plan is dropped in August.
  • June-Lord West, the British security minister,warns that Britain faces the threat of a “cyber cold war” with China amid fears that hackers could gain the technology to shut down the computer systems that control Britain’s power stations, water companies, air traffic, government and financial markets.
  • August-, the US Government begins covertly testing technology to allow people in China and Iran to bypass Internet censorship firewalls set up by their own governments.
  • December-, the government offers rewards of up to 10,000 Yuan (£888) to users who report websites featuring pornography. The number of pornographic searches rockets.



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