FEATURE-As China rises, grand strategy talk back in style | Reuters

The young are the new masters of the world they use technology more fluent since it’s been their since birth. In China we have to look at our future and our past at once. When you take a peasant class person throw them into smart-phone technology, web access, instant communication this is a game changer in the human evolution matrix.

Social media is a two edge blade for cyber security. In one way goverments today have Facebook pages gathering up information on not just you but what makes you tick. It’s a basic naccistic plasure to go back and see if anyone posted a comment on your last trolling mission. We do it and we love it. But it’s this little fluff of information that got Osaba bin Laden caught. It’s the “digital fluff” that leaves a bread crumb trail everywhere in cyber space.


The number learning basic Chinese was rising, he said, but students were keen to show they had knowledge of a broad range of topics from economics to cyber warfare and the effect of social media on politics.

Much of the new struggle for power between states will take place largely out of sight, experts say, with confrontation in cyberspace or over economic issues such as currency strength largely replacing military conflicts or colonial struggles.

via FEATURE-As China rises, grand strategy talk back in style | Reuters.


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